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The National Bikers Roundup is the largest camping motorcycle rally in the USA and is organized by a group of African American motorcycle clubs. Its location changes every year but every decade it returns to its founding city of Kansas City, Kansas More than 1,000 motorcycle clubs attend the event and black women make up close to half of participants.


First organized in 1977 the event attracted 49 riders, it has since grown to a five-day event, with up to 30,000 participants, who enjoy camping, exhibition, parades, stunt shows, entertainment and a host of other motorcycle-related experiences including drag racing and a "biggest gut contest".


The event serves to unite the Black motorcycle community and promote camaraderie. Starting from 1998, each year participants donate food and money to support local food paid programmes. By 2000, donations had reached 16,000 tons and $9,000.



The original flyer printed to promote the first Bikers' Roundup

The first
National Bikers Roundup T-shirt!  
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